Tap Into the Power of Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy plays a pivotal role in helping our patients get out of pain and stay there.

How do you define “physical therapy?” Most people view it as exercise to regain lost strength after injury or surgery. While this is true, the definition—and benefits—of physical therapy go far beyond strengthening. Physical therapy has the power to reduce pain while restoring function and movement. Physical therapy can also help people avoid reinjuring a trouble spot or help them avoid injury in the first place! That’s why physical therapy plays such a pivotal role in helping our patients to get out of pain and stay there. Let’s break down the benefits:

Reduce Pain
It is important to understand that there are both passive and active physical therapy techniques. Passive techniques such as such as ice or heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and massage help get patients to the point where they can tolerate more active forms of therapy. Once patients are able to tolerate active physical therapy, the gains in strength in the  supporting muscles typically begins to ease the pain in the joint or bone.

Restore function and movement
The ability to move is essential for participating in the activities of everyday life. Physical therapy techniques that build strength and increase range of motion make it possible for many patients to avoid or delay surgery while increasing their flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Help Prevent Injuries
Strong muscles surrounding joints such as the knee or back not only ease pain, but potentially help prevent injury. For example, if you have strong leg muscles surrounding your knee, you are creating a protective frame that protects and supports the joint. Strong back and abdominal muscles can also ease the pressure on vertebral disks—enhancing range of motion and easing pain.

Harnessing the power of Physical Therapy for You
These powerful benefits explain why Associated Physicians Group works together to harness the power of physical therapy for our patients. By working as a team,  we maximize these benefits–making sure that every  patient receives a customized program to help get them out of pain and back to doing the activities they enjoy. To learn more about our Physical therapy services, click here