Knee Pain Relief

I was feeling that my time is my garden was almost ending, but thanks do Dr. Thom and the physical therapists at APG I’m back to doing all of the things I love to do.
Bonnie S., Trenton, IL

Chronic Back Pain

Before treatment with APG, I was having daily pain ranging from 6 – 8. My daily activities were limited – I could not sit, I could not stand, I could not walk. Within 2 weeks of my treatment with APG (Dr. Davies and injection) I am no walking, I am enjoying my life, and my pain level has dropped to zero.
Linda P., Collinsville, IL

APG can help even if you’ve had back surgery

They always have a smile on their face, they’re very friendly – but very professional. As a healthcare professional myself, that is something I can really appreciate. Their attitude has been really exceptional.
Jon E., O’Fallon, IL
I became a patient of Sherri’s (Pilkington, NP) yesterday for knee pain. I have had knee pain since i was very young due to my weight and arthritis. Not once during the appointment did Sherri make me feel less than because i am heavy. She also treated with the most utmost respect. I have seen Dr’s I have worked with in the past and said i never would again since they don’t really feel they need to use as much compassion. Since my visit with Sherri she has made me change my mind. I came in for knee pain and she gave me treatment for back pain when she seen my back was really hurting. Not many PA/DR’s are that observant and have that much compassion. Anna was the MA and she also did not treat me like a “co-worker”. I was a patient in pain and she went above and beyond. She asked me several times if I was ok and just made me feel less tense about the appointment. Erin did my x-ray and not to sound like a broken record but i also had nothing but the best care from her as well.

I can now with the utmost confidence tell the new patients that they are going to get nothing but the best care here at APG.

Danielle L., Godfrey, IL
I tell everyone I know that has knee pain about APG. After doing the program I’m pain-free for at least 1½ to 2 years. The doctors, the physical therapist, and the rest of the staff are always friendly and make each visit a pleasant experience. Thank you APG. I don’t know what I’d do without you.
Judy H., Collinsville, IL
When I started at APG I was using a cane because I couldn’t walk across the room without my lower back and both knees hurting me. And now, that I’ve been coming here, I’ve thrown the cane aside. I’ve been out shopping and I can now go up and down the stairs. Before, I couldn’t even do that. I feel 100% better. They are all so nice. I like every one of them. They all try to help you. They know their job and they do it well.
Carol G., Granite City, IL
At 79-years old and dealing with osteoarthritis for many years, never did I think that this program would be able to give me relief so fast from pain and stiffness. I would say to anyone who has knee pain, please don’t hesitate, you will get relief.
Shirley M., Troy, IL
It helped me an awful lot. I guess the best thing I can say is that the people at APG have done a real good job of getting my knees back into shape. My knees feel so good that I can now walk up to 5 miles a day – pain free.
Ray R., Troy, IL
I have been recently referred to APG Physical Therapy by the Scott Air Force Base and treated by Jason Delaney, PT for knee pain. As a Health Professional myself, I feel his diagnostic and treatment skills are noteworthy. Two years ago I tore my right medial meniscus and went to the Physical Therapy Department at Scott Air Force Base for treatment. I was given an elastic band and a list of exercises which I followed religiously. Unfortunately, after months of exercising, I didn’t obtain any positive results. To alleviate the symptoms I finally ended up having arthroscopic surgery which rendered me pain free for almost a year. After hiking with my son this past summer, my symptoms returned. After a few months of constant knee pain I was referred to APG Physical Therapy. I was initially hesitant to make the appointment because I did not expect results. At the first visit my problem was correctly diagnosed and a series of stretching and weight bearing exercises was recommended. In just a few short weeks Jason Delaney, PT has rendered me pain free. Mr. Delaney’s keen diagnostic insight was right on the money. I am extremely satisfied with the positive results I have achieved without having to go through a second surgery. It is without any reservation that I would highly recommend Jason Delaney, PT to any patient in need of Physical Therapy.
Larry S., O’Fallon, IL
With the treatment, I have less pain and my mobility has improved tremendously. I have also achieved new goals with balance. The people are all so caring there and encouraging. It’s like family more than you could ever imagine. Hopefully, if you become a part of the APG family, you will find the experience as rewarding as I have. I appreciate your care and bless you always.
Sonya W., Edwardsville, IL
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful treatment my wife and I received at your facility. For me, my pain started out at probably an 8 or 9 and now, it’s wonderful. I can’t wait ‘til the weather warms up and I’ll be able to manicure my lawn. I tell all my “old man” friends to quit griping about their pain and go see you.
Lloyd A., Sparta, IL
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