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“Alternative to Knee Replacement” Program

Our patented program frequently works where others fail. 87% of our patients reduce or eliminate knee pain and avoid or delay knee replacement surgery.

Why does our program work when others fail? Our comprehensive program works together, multiplying the effects of each treatment to improve the condition of the knee joint. We are constantly refining our program with the latest treatments and technology so you can keep doing the activities you enjoy. Hear what Londi and Sandra, recent Alternative to Knee Replacement Program Patients have to say about the program:

The APG Program includes:

  • Unloading Brace- Immediate pain relief, takes pressure off the compacted joint space, also decompresses space to allow visco-supplementation adequate space to be more effective.
  • Visco-Supplementation – Immediate cushioning effect and additional lubrication of the knee joint that stimulates the body to create even more lubrication while reducing inflammation
  • Physical Therapy – this specialized therapy assists the injected medication and multiplies the production of the body’s own natural knee joint lubrication

The combination of the unloading brace, visco-supplementation and physical therapy working together synergistically greatly intensifies the effectiveness of each which is reflected in our high % of successful outcomes.

Michael Saunders, CEO of Associated Physicians Group, discusses the knee program and gives you an overview of what to expect…

The order of the program is customized for each patient, depending on previous treatments, level of pain, degree of flexibility and condition of the knee joint.

The APG Difference:

  • Visual guidance ensures cushioning fluid is precisely placed in the joint space.
  • Proven physical therapy techniques prepare the knee for the cushioning fluid – enhancing the natural lubrication of the knee joint and cushioning properties of the fluid.
  • A Knee Pain Program specialist to guide and coordinate each patient’s customized program.
  • A team of physical therapists utilizing the latest techniques, and custom bracing to reduce pain, build strength and get you back to doing the activities you enjoy!

Why should you try Associated Physicians Group Alternative to Knee Replacement Program?

  • Our impressive success rate was largely built on patients who already had bone-on-bone pain!
  • If you tried a different program without success, you’ve never tried APG’s program. We’ve helped THOUSANDS of people reduce or eliminate knee pain while avoiding or delaying knee replacement surgery.
  • A landmark study shows that properly placed cushioning injections offer cumulative benefits to the knee joint that almost defies the aging process. Repeat injections offer progressive improvement—even as patients get older! Click here to learn more.
  • Our program is patented. Patent No: US 9,226,938 B2

There’s no reason NOT to try this program. Even if you don’t think it will work for you, or you have tried another program, you’ve never tried the Associated Physicians Group Program! Why don’t you give us a call at (888) 363-8333 to schedule an initial consultation or contact us online.

What is the Success Rate of the Alternative to Knee Replacement Program?

With success defined as “significant reduction in pain and no knee replacement”—the Alternative to Knee Replacement program has an impressive 87 percent success rate. These numbers are based on the results of more than 8000 patients over a five year period. Click to download the study.

Associated Physicians Group Alternative to Knee Replacement program reflects this same rate of success with more than 87 percent of our patients reporting a significant reduction of pain, no knee replacement necessary, and improved quality of life.

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Injectable treatments for osteoarthritis do more than just lubricate the knee. This cushioning fluid stimulates your body’s own synovial cells to create a higher quality fluid that is more functional in preventing wear and tear.

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