Associated Physicians Group Physical Therapists Attend Manual Therapy Course in Maitland-Australian Assessment and Treatment of Spine

Nicole and Alicia, two physical therapists in our Creve  Coeur clinic attended a manual therapy course hosted by Washington University in St. Louis. The course presented the Maitland-Australian concept of assessment and treatment for the Spine. The Maitland Approach is considered the cornerstone of modern day Orthopedic manual therapy. The course emphasized the Cervical, Thoracic (including rib articulations) and Lumbar spine manual techniques and neurodynamic assessments. Management of pain-dominant (pathophysiological) and stiffness-dominant (pathomechanical) disorders were thoroughly discussed and reviewed. They learned new techniques of assessment and treatment including physiological and accessory movements, which are directed very specifically to individual spinal segments. Their techniques are supported by current physical therapy literature.

These techniques can help patients with neck, mid-back, and low back pain, and also with the relief of headaches. Nicole and Alicia are very excited to bring these new techniques to the clinic.

It is important to be very selective when choosing a physical therapist for your care.  Therapists with post-graduate manual therapy training can make a big difference in the success of your rehabilitation. This is why Associated Physicians Group encourages our team members to participate in ongoing training that exceeds their standard continuing education requirements. To learn more about our physical therapy team, click here.